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personal and creative sounds fabulous, so...

What's the process?


Because a humanist ceremony is unique to you, it's incredibly personal. You start your married life in a way that's authentic and relevant. You're also free to marry in whatever location suits you. Whether that's a garden, cliff-top or the urban warehouse that has no intention of becoming licensed. 

Humanist weddings aren't currently legally recognised in England so you would need to complete the paperwork at the registry office too. Most couples choose to do this in the run up to the wedding or once they're back from honeymoon. There's no time limit and you can decide if and when you do this.

How it works

Creating the ceremony

First things first, we decide whether we're the right fit for one another. As with finding the person you want to marry, finding the person you want to marry you is all about chemistry. We start with a no obligations meeting to get to know each other and discuss your vision for your ceremony. If we decide to go ahead I'll book you in and take a deposit to secure your date.

Once booked, we'll meet again to really delve into your story and to understand how you want your ceremony to feel. I bring ideas, suggestions and practical advice to inspire you. This is where we talk vows, rings, rituals, readings, music so we can start building your ideal ceremony.  I'll also ask you lots of questions about your life together and what you want to share in the ceremony.

Following this meeting I'll send a questionnaire so that you can go into even more detail about you and your relationship. It's a fun process and a chance to share what makes your partner and your relationship special. There are parts of this that you'll be able to keep secret from each other which allows you to hear some pretty magical words for the first time on your wedding day. I can also liaise with family and friends to bring their words into the ceremony too (if you want).

Once I've gathered all of these stories I'll write the ceremony. I'll send the first draft to you both to review (minus any surprises). This means you're in complete control of what's said on the day. Realised you overshared about that infamous first date? No worries. We'll cut it.

During this period I'm on hand to support and advise you on anything within the ceremony. I can recommend readings and help you to write or choose your vows. I am your ceremony wing-woman.

Delivering the ceremony

Once you're happy that the script is perfect, we're ready for the day itself. Ideally we'd have a rehearsal at the venue to practice the choreography and logistics of the ceremony. Even if we can't access the venue, we'll still map out all the "where do I stand?" moments.

On the day itself, I am your ceremony point person. I liaise with your readers and musicians (if you're having them) and I ensure that everyone knows exactly what they're doing. This means that you don't have to worry and can just enjoy being present at the ceremony rather than managing it.

I'll conduct the ceremony (speaking slowly and clearly of course). And I get the absolute pleasure of pronouncing you married. Hurrah.

Once I've made sure you and your guests are in the rightful place, drinks in hand, I leave you to continue celebrating. 

After the ceremony

You're married. You've celebrated with all of your favourite people. And you've crashed out on your honeymoon - free from rsvp drama, spreadsheets and all the other wedmin. 

Although the ceremony has gone, I prepare a presentation copy of your script so that you can re-read everything that was said. Including the vows that you most definitely promised to keep. It's a beautiful, cloth-bound keepsake of the moment you became married. 

And then all that's left is for you to live your married lives together. In all its perfect/imperfect glory.


The investment

To keep things fresh and to ensure I can give my all to you, I work with a limited number of couples each year. My fee for the whole process is £1000. This includes travel within London. For weddings further afield I would discuss travel and accommodation with you ahead of time.