If we have a humanist ceremony are we legally married?

Humanist ceremonies are not legally recognised in England at the moment. They are in Scotland, the Channel Islands and it's looking to be the case in Northern Ireland too. That means that if you do want your marriage to have legal status you will need to complete the paperwork at the registry office. You can do this before or after your humanist wedding. There is no time limit. 

what's the benefit of having a humanist ceremony?

Humanist ceremonies are fantastic if you're not religious, and you want something more personal and more bespoke than a civil ceremony. They are completely personal. You get to choose the tone and you get to decide what you say and do. It's my job to ensure that the ceremony flows and has a narrative arc to give it the momentum it needs, but within that framework, you're in complete control.


We love the idea of a personal ceremony but we're worried we'll be overwhelmed by choice...

One of the downsides of complete freedom is the risk of overwhelm. I work with you to ensure that you don't get stuck. We'll discuss different ideas and I'll bring practical advice and guidance so that you can work out what's right for you. In reality. most humanist ceremonies follow the same arc as other ceremonies. Most will include music, readings, vows, exchange of rings etc. I won't leave you to flounder and will be with you at every stage to work out what's right for you.

where are you based and do you travel for ceremonies?

I'm based in East London. I'm very happy to travel for ceremonies. I would discuss travel costs with you before you decide whether you would like to book me. 

If you have any additional questions, send me an email at cheryl@cccelebrates.com