Hey CC


Hello, hello

I didn't set out to marry multiple people, but when you figure out it's your passion, what can you do? Polygamy jokes aside (and I promise I won't include any of these in your ceremony) I've always loved weddings. 

After leaving my career as a lawyer I dabbled with wedding planning, but left the industry to co-found a fashion start-up. It was around then that I got married myself. My husband and I were clear that we didn't want to start our marriage with a lie, so a religious ceremony was out. We also wanted something more personal (and in a more attractive room) than a registry office wedding. It was then that we discovered humanist ceremonies.

We couldn't have been happier with our ceremony. We had an incredible celebrant who created a ceremony that was personal, funny and meaningful. Every word was handpicked for us. Every element was exactly as we'd hoped. It was authentic, profound and unique. The perfect way to start a marriage.

I knew then that I wanted to work with couples to create ceremonies that were similarly meaningful. I believe that love is the answer to pretty much all of the problems. And I believe that love, in whatever form it takes, should be celebrated.